Well, Why Are You Here???

Well, why are you here reading my blog? 

Alright, you don't have to answer that question because that's not the reason why I'm writing today's entry. 

Have I shared with all of you that I've found my first job? It has been 2 weeks already since I hold a title of "Executive" for Operations Support, in an outsourcing company involves in back-end processing for a bank. Something like a 'hidden factory' for the bank.

The title of my entry today is actually a quote of the most frequently asked question that I've received from almost everyone that I've shared my good news with, about getting my first job. It is unsurprising that I've gotten that question being asked to me by people who knows that I have SCIENCE background but suddenly jumped into OFFICE-based environment for a BANK-related company. The more I got that questions, the more my reasoning got into details, and the more I started to enjoy and feel happy about getting a job that is unrelated with my degree. NO REGRETS.

Basically, I want a job that allows me to have a 'normal' weekend - Saturdays and Sundays off. If I need to do a research, yes, my research time is flexible, but it doesn't means that I won't be needed to go the lab during weekends. To be true, I'm not the one who is disciplined enough to obey my own schedule. If it is a compulsory, fixed schedule, then I'm more than happy to comply. 

Next, I want a job that offers better career growth and leads to more options in the future. I want to create a limitless opportunities for my future self. All business should have 'operational' parts of it. Thus, gaining experiences in operations will make me more employable. With that, I can always revert back to science-related companies. Of course I'm not going to do the scientific researches, but I want to be the boss who gives more jobs for those scientists. (ha-ha, what a BIG dream!)

Networking and travelling opportunities!
Yeah! What I love about my current job is the prospect to meet new people and going into places. Now, those "Business Class" plane ticket sounds more convincing to me. People doing business = orang kaya raya, naik flight nak cepat gi kerja travel overseas selalu dalam perjalanan pun kena buat kerja so tak boleh bising2 sempit2 kat economy class. (Pssst.: I wanna be someone like this in the future. Can ar?). Huhu. please note that not all office worker able to experience this, okay? It is just that the nature of my work involves supporting workers from other departments, going to my company's overseas offices to exchange information and supporting each other, training head of departments to implement new operational practices that will better improve staffs' performances and other random operational stuffs that cross beyond departmental borders within the company. Saya orang yang kuat bercakap (dari segi sound volume dan amount volume) dan saya seorang yang kuat berjalan. This job is just right for me.

It seems like my long-lost hope to wear smart office clothing will come into reality soon! When I flipped fashion magazine, corporate attire always fancies me (apart from bridal attire). Now, I'm going to look for more proper muslimah corporate attire and start saving for all those collections. (Woah, sebab tu gaji besar pun selalu tak cukup, sebab maintenance pun makin besar tuk kerja2 cenggini). Well, white lab coat looks appealing but it will become dull overtime, with fixed style all around the world.

After re-reading the lines above, I found that all those reasoning sound all sweet and sugar. Perhaps just to heal the wound on not pursuing my honours year like my friends did, or not continuing my studies even further or not being able to work directly into science field. Business field is not all that sweet as well but the passion is what matters. For me, I'm bright and positive. I'm always making things that doesn't actually work into my expectation to actually bends and fit into becoming something better. I'll always immerse myself into whatever I do. For that, I am glad with any opportunities that comes. Every resources that comes, surely can become a powerful product if we know how to polish it.

This is just a beginning for me and I hope get unconditional supports from everyone.