Isnin, 23 September 2013

What The Public Doesn’t Know

PLEASE aware that this article is not written by me, but the respective writer as stated below and I am just sharing her entry to reach even more people out there.



What The Public Doesn’t Know

I’m writing this based on my own experience, and the stories that my friends related to me. I’m writing as a medical officer in a busy teriary center hospital, which means I’m not a specialist, and neither am I a junior doctor/house officer. It also means that I have no power at all for decision making about human resource, buying of drugs and equipments, hospital bills, the service of other departments, my own pay or even the food I eat when I’m on call.

The only contribution I make towards the care of my patients is to care for them, with my knowledge and experience, as much as I can, with the most empathy, manners, efficacy and quality that I could give. 

The only contribution I make towards the training of junior staff is by training myself rigidly, and then teach them all I know, with the little time I have in my hands (in addition to the job description – treating patients), be a good leader and example to them. 

When I said “only”, it basically means there are others who could give greater contribution, or in other means. When I said “only”, it means that the hospital, the ministry of health, have their own responsibilities towards better care for the public.

It basically means that there are so many things out of my control, our control.

However the complains always landed on us, our juniors, the nurses and medical assistants (MAs).

So here you are. What the public doesn’t know.

* * *
You may not know, that the doctor you waited for 2 hours in the clinic, is likely the very same doctor that has to attend the emergency department (ED) because of a case of heart attack. Or sometimes two or three cases of heart attack on one go. The thing is, this doctor may need to attend to another case who’s collapsed in the ward.



HAaaa... Korang pernah tak nampak bendalah di atas ni? Kalau nak tau, inilah sosej segera, siap dimasak boleh terus di-ngap!

Saya bukanlah selalu nak buat iklan tak berbayar ni... tapi produk di atas sangat menarik perhatian saya. Kenapa? Jom ikuti penjelasannya seperti di bawah...:

Selasa, 10 September 2013

Amano Ichigo, Cake (read as: K-Key) and Me

Amano Ichigo is a main character from one of my favourites manga and anime called Yumeiro Patissiere. The story revolves about Ichigo-chan pursuing her dream to become patisserie – a person who makes and decorates cakes and sweets.

These past few months has made be a little bit like Ichigo-chan. It's like living in the manga and anime that I've read and watched. Why? Because I'm working temporarily at my favourite cake shop in Batang Kali, Kedai Kek Su. Just like Ichigo-chan, I've endured ups and downs, jumping to pastry's world without any basics.

There are too many memories I've made here with my boss, co-workers and customers. Since I've no skills to write things interestingly, let me save the memories for myself so that I'm not going to ruin them in this little blog of mine. The only thing that I could say, is:

I'm a proud cake baker and pastry chef apprentice.!!!
self-appointed and unofficial title, of course, ;p. It would normally takes years for a kitchen hand to be a chef

I'm now able to make and decorate simple cakes. Of course, this includes writing on them, too!

my first batch of decorated cakes. RM10 each.
I wrote on this cake especially for my mom. it was during earlier days of my employment here. my writing is much better now. :P

As of now, I still have no interest in pursuing this as a career and follow the life path of Amano Ichigo, but who knows? Maybe this not-so-otaku girl would eventually dreams and officially follows her favourite character? And at that time, the writer could proudly says “I've successfully inspire someone through my work”.

Well, I'm really going to miss this job after I leave for Putrajaya next week; same as how I miss my job at HasMis Kebab and Turkish Kitchen in Canberra.

Bdw, I would recommend everyone to buy cakes from Kedai Kek Su. I can guarantee you that the taste and the decorations (especially for wedding cakes) won't let you down. Don't worry about the price either. It's waaaay cheaper than any other shops that I know.

Bye for now. Ta-Ting-Tong! Matta-ne!

pssst: for some reasons I can't attach more than a photo through my blogger apps. will add later, insyaallah. pssssssst: if the link to kedai kek su above isn't working, go manually to:

Jumaat, 6 September 2013

Hotlink Broadband vs. Mobile Internet

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Hotlink Broadband vs. Mobile Internet