Sometimes we could know a lot of good deeds,
But never try to act them out,
Or even worse, we never even realized that we didn't practice that good deeds we promoted to others.
The situation could be the same as a smoker who told others not to smoke. What the...?
But it is not limited to just that.,OK?

However, when someone advises on our wrong behaviour, our inconsistency in practicing things vs. the values that we already know, how would we react to it? Yes, I didn't use the word "should react" because we might already know the "theory " of a good reaction one should do, but to what extent would we work it out?

Well, just something to ponder together coz I've just received a "slap" right in front of my face on something that I shouldn't have done,but due to my usual routine, I somehow forget that i should have done it another way.

Ok, let's stop here before rain starts pouring inside my room, or I might told everyone in the world what my shameless behaviour was (hopefully it is "was" by now).