Travel & Tour Wishlist

1. Makkah : Hajj before 50 years old or die (whichever sooner)

2. Madinah - really want to try and have a feel of "hijrah" . WALKING from makkah to madinah, while have a look at at-thur, stop at kuba' mosque, visiting Masjid nabawi, etc etc

3. Palestine - of course I would love to visit Masjidil aqsa, or do volunteering works and /or media coverage at Gaza

4. Turki - Istanbul. Because umrah tour packages always have this as an extra. Anyway, I wanna eat original gozleme and Turkish pide

5. France , and around Europe (mainly London) - Wanna experience "Nodame" time, imagining myself at platform 9 3/4, going to "leaky couldron" and taste various kind of sweets like ichigo and friends. Also, France has strong Islamic heritage element as well, despite the rising islamophobia ("thanks" to Charlie Hebdo). definitely wanted to explore it.

6. Niagara Falls and surrounding - nature photography adventure

7. ASEAN countries - feeling at home anywhere at ASEAN. Company influence? Might be, might be not. ASEAN region is the best when it comes to learn various cultures. A perfect place for cultural photography adventure.
*Went to ChiangMai, April 2016*

8. Gunung Kinabalu and islands surrounding Sabah - hiking adventure, and snorkeling. The higher the challenge, the better.

9. Malacca - been there, but it's not enough. I wanted to discover more about our origin and existence in Malaya
OK, those are the only places that I'm really keen to visit, as of now. More to come as time goes by.


**13/10/2016 : Travelling when you're having fulltime job is a challenge!***