People said that we need to write down our target so that somehow we will work to achieve it. So I guess the concept will apply to Wishlist as well. So here's mine, target to get them all by 2020 (my own wawasan 2020 : material objective version)

1. Own a new car (at least paid the down payment at 30% minimum) (RM60,000)

2. Nikkor AF-S DX prime lens for d5000 (RM 900) - been wanting potret lens since long ago. 35 mm with F1.8 should be good enough.  Got 50mm with F1.8, instead

3. My own mini library (at least a full 6-compartment shelf, with books of different genre-religion, science, business, languages, arts, photography, law) (RM100 shelf, min RM2000 books) - maybe I need to have specific wishlist for the books. Huhu. I never thought books could be pricey.
* started buying books but not really read them; as expected . Cost to-date : Probably worth RM500 - exclude my Tafsir Zilal set*

4. Tripod (RM100) - mine broken since last year.

5. 10inch tab/tablet (RM1000) - easy web browsing/editing and writing articles on the go.

6. Super smartphone with decent camera n core processing (RM1500) - I couldn't be satisfied with my current LENOVO phone after I changed it from Samsung Galaxy S. Well, I might as well Got myself an OPPO R5 smartphone - Forced to buy in late 2015 since my LENOVO's battery was about to explode. R5 camera is of acceptable quality, with reasonable price - RM998

7. Skechers walking shoes (RM300) - I had my eyes on it for a long time already

8. Skechers running shoes (RM300) - not necessarily sketchers, but still I need a proper sport shoes. Skechers because I love their design and its comfortability . Bought, 02/03/2015, RM269, Skechers Store Nu Sentral

9. Japanese-style cutlery set consisting of serving tray, different sizes of bowls, cups, chopsticks, spoon, obento set etc. Premium design is a must. (RM100-200)

10. contour pillow & duck duvet - to replace mine that I left at Oz (RM300)
*Bought contour pillow at RM69 from AEON Bandar Mahkota Cheras, July 2016, due to post-operative condition* 

11. Various accessories for my D5000 -flashlight , flash diffuser, cleaning set, filter set (RM1000), extra battery, extra SD card
* Bought Polarizer filter around June 2016 *

That is it for now. Additional items might come but I don't think the desire will be as much as those listed here.

Well, looking back at the list, I realized that most of them are gadgets and electronic. Dont be surprised. I love those better than jewelries and fashion accessories.

------------Lets add additional wishlist-------------

12. Jam Tawaf