English requirements for further studies

Browsing through requirements needed to further studies, I've been worrying on English requirements as I knew it is a vital requirement especially if I'm going overseas.

However, it seems that I don't have to undergo ielts again as I've been studying at country with English as first language for more than 2 years.

So glad about it. Now I just need to shortlist my university choices and apply accordingly. Cannot apply everything and anything since I need to pay the application fees on my own, now. It was a pleasure to have JPA paying for everything previously, but time to be independent, again.

May everything goes smoothly, or if there's any difficulties, may Allah gives me strength to push myself towards the right way, in sya Allah.

Don't give up, don't lose hope.

Stay calm and keep on trying.


SARS berkata…
apply mara kalau nak... tak bukak lag, tapi rasanya nak start dah.. dapatkan U dululag