The joy of being an editor

A year in which I've been entrusted with editorial post for my school's yearbook. Throughout that year, I remember the time that we've spent to decide on the cover's design, selecting worthy articles, creating articles (since worthy ones are scarce), bullying the secretary (she's actually my best friend at that time) to type those down, selecting and arranging photos, having fun coordinating photoshoot based on what we've in minds, and of course, the most troublesome task of sponsorship and getting cooperation from other people.

All those processes were tiring but after seeing the completed book comes to life, the joy was unexplainable.

Ever since, I've enjoyed writing, even if what I wrote was full of craps. Regardless of the reads count. It was all for self satisfaction.

Jan 2015.

Once again, I've been given a chance to be a part of a editorial team . This time, it is for a certain website, that requires me to give my best in order to meet our target.

Apart from uploading posters and drafted a few articles, I've started chasing reporters for their bulletins. It surely a pain for me since I am always conscious-free of time flow. Different from the yearbook that has a long timeline, website publishing is a race with time.

Nevertheless, I felt very excited everytime my articles was published, or the articles get a reach. This is true for articles that I write myself and the one I edited. In fact, I just finished an articles editing. Was thrilled when I saw that the reach was increasing.

Excited beyond imagination..
Hopefully, when I feel like giving up on this fast-paced job, I'll be able to reminisce all these joy and keep me spirited.


SARS berkata…
ko jadi editor isma ke hawa?
Hawa A Latip berkata…
Belum sampai tahap jadi editor page abg long lagi....
SARS berkata…
jap, wanita isma jan hawa? pasal tetiba ko rajin share page tu