Biological clock

Patients with thyroid issues will definitely know the struggle of keeping awake and appreciate a good night sleep when we really need it. Problem is, we could not control it.

This past week, i could only sleep earliest at 2am. even if i managed to sleep early (before 11pm), it doesn't last long before i need to repeat the whole sleeping cycle steps again.

thanks to that, i felt extremely tired and sleepy the whole day - even if I got uninterrupted prolonged sleep might. some days, my muscles too, are protesting against my daily routine. i have no energy to even wake up and go to work. hence i sleep in the day. However, no matter how much I sleep in the daytime, I won't feel refresh.

Having my biological going haywire is no fun. sleep has always been my favourite past time activity. inability to control it is really depressing.

So since I could not sleep at midnight yesterday, I have some reading about biological clock. Seems like our body is controlling the "awake" time and "sleep" time separately hence those mode can always interrupt each other.

Do you think you have problem with sleep time as well? I found an interesting
screening survey that you could use to pre-screen yourselves. if you got two or more "yes" in the survey,it is advisable to get yourself a doctor for further diagnosis. Sleeping disorder is fatal, you know?

So here's the link:
Sleep Disorders Screening Survey

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