18 days to go

18 days to go...
Counting down to 2nd December 2017...
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Yes! I'm getting married in 18 days. with the most unexpected man of my life, at the most unexpected time.

I still remember, during last Eidul Fitri, my aunt asked, "Kau bila nak kahwin?"
So I answered jokingly, "InsyaAllah, cuti sekolah..." Deep in my heart I added, "cuma taktahu cuti sekolah tahun berapa." - I don't have a solid candidate to be my husband, at that time, yet. But yeah, just answer like for the sake of giving an answer to an endless question.

And to my surprise, I'm really going to get married this school holiday!

Since it is less than 3 weeks to go, I would like to do just a little bit of throwback on our engagement day - 23rd Sept 2017

... and photos with another bride-to-be during our bridal shower on 21 October 2017