and so... I'm married

Got married after approximately 2 months++ of engagement, with RM 0 marriage savings. (nampak sangat macam tak pernah plan nak kahwin)

Syukur alhamdulillah that everything went well; although some might not as per I imagined (and planned). Not to mentioned that my dad was admitted in the hospital few weeks before my wedding day; and my brother-in-law involved in an accident on his way to our wedding ceremony, causing 8 fractured and broken ribs.

I can't thank enough to my family and friends who helped, mainly:
- mom, for the lovely dresses, fresh flowers, additional catering menu and goodies, mastermind of house makeover and renovations, my consultant for almost everything
- abang radhi, for the paperworks, catering negotiation & handling
- papa, for being my Wali, looking over house renovations and repairs progress, meeting up with neighbours for permission to close the road for walimah purposes.
- along, for the bedroom deco (together with abg firdaus and kak Wani), hantaran deco, event manager for random stuff I might have missed
- kak suhada for the inai supply and additional hand lace, as well as packing up the goodies
- mak nyameng, mak yam, k ina for mi siput and goodies packing
- Kak Sal for being my mom's backbone at the kitchen
- Bon and kak Nad for the mas kahwin deco into a hand bouquet
- Ili for being my bridesmaid, helping me assembling my paperflower-based dais, transforming my fresh flower bouquet to hand bouquet, help me wears my inai for I can't remember how many times, touching up my eyeliner, help me with my dressing, and most importantly, being my best supporter and listener - for all my decisions; you even backed me up whenever I can't speak up for myself
- Aisyah Hijazi, for the dulang hantaran pallets supply, being my akhawat's gossip buddies
- akhawat BaitulFikrah (nad, kak fatin, hikmah, ayuni, epa), for sparing time helping on hantaran deco and miscellaneous stuff a day before the wedding
- Atikah Aziz for sponsoring my hantaran's cake
- Yui for downloading my choices of songs for the walimah, driving mae here and there to settle stuff for the wedding, being my saksi for Surat kebenaran nikah,
- my brothers for rearranging furnitures and stuff around the house, coordinating catering canopy and tables, setting up banners, cleaning up the house before and after the majlis, and other miscellaneous things I'm not aware
- nenek faridah and family for the big carpets, vases, sireh supply, waffles
- Makcik Nani for sponsoring our vacation at Ombak Inn, Pulau Pangkor
- abg Iki for sponsoring kambing bakar
- and of course, my Canberra Cronies (Asza, Saida, Syikin, Yan) for the bridal shower party, wedding inspirations, listening to my random rants on wedding preparation
- Maryam for being my photographer of the day
- My long-time-no-see besties for coming to the wedding, Amalina Shairah who came all the way from Sarawak, Raibah who took leaves and fly from Sabah, Syafiqa ma'on from Johor, Fathin Amira from Pahang, Afina even though her husband is at work, Nadia Filza whom I haven't see since 2003, Risya who is counting days to deliver her 3rd baby, Asza who is still on honeymoon mood, Zafirah, Atikah ...
- everyone who helped (in any sort) that I didn't mentioned above
- and all invitees who came, for making our day meaningful and helping us finishing the food
- last but not least, my beloved husband, (used to be my fiance) for being my banker and ATM, for supplying the PA system, for keeping up with various demands from everyone, for being stabil when I'm not, for driving us here and there; the endless shopping you can't stand, for giving up things you love that I hate, for being cool at the hardest time, for the words I needed right at its time.

May Allah bless every one of you, repay your kindness, both in this world and jannah.

My marriage leave is coming to its end today and I'll be back to work tomorrow.

Our honeymoon travelogue? Let's wait and see until I feel like writing it up.


Jom tengok home made self made video majlis pernikahan saya!

Video buat sendiri je. Ada yang nak saya buatkan video sebegini dengan bajet murah-murah?🤣
Nak buat frame gambar kanvas bajet sekali pun boleh

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