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and so... I'm married

Got married after approximately 2 months++ of engagement, with RM 0 marriage savings. (nampak sangat macam tak pernah plan nak kahwin)

Syukur alhamdulillah that everything went well; although some might not as per I imagined (and planned). Not to mentioned that my dad was admitted in the hospital few weeks before my wedding day; and my brother-in-law involved in an accident on his way to our wedding ceremony, causing 8 fractured and broken ribs.

I can't thank enough to my family and friends who helped, mainly:
- mom, for the lovely dresses, fresh flowers, additional catering menu and goodies, mastermind of house makeover and renovations, my consultant for almost everything
- abang radhi, for the paperworks, catering negotiation & handling
- papa, for being my Wali, looking over house renovations and repairs progress, meeting up with neighbours for permission to close the road for walimah purposes.
- along, for the bedroom deco (together with abg firdaus and kak Wani), hantara…

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