Unexpected motivation

I came across a dialogue in "Sydney White" movie as per below,

/A: Why do you keep one writing that blog? No one is reading it anyway/

/B: "The Punisher" isn't about being read. It is about being written/

/(ps: the dialogue might not be exact- but that was what I remembered)/

Well, somehow it does gives me some kind of motivation to keep on writing in this little world of mine. Even though lots of craps since my college years has been hidden from public view, I'll forever keep it safe for my own tale.

All those colorful youthful memories. no matter how embarrassing it might be, those are things that builds me. As long as I'm learning from the experiences, then I'll grow for sure.

Undoubtedly it is also a good source of self motivation when I'm going through hard times that no one seems to understand. Hardship will always comes.
Bigger day by day. But when I turned back, it seems that everything looks trial. Just another proof that hardship gets easier after we managed to take it down once.

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